• Powerhouse Rainbow

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  • Powerhouse Rainbow

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Construction Projects

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Fiber Optic Project

Sandpoint is installing Fiber optic cables  to connect City Hall to the Lake Water Treatment Plant. Click (here) to view picture  

Schweitzer Cutoff Road Project 

Schweitzer Cutoff Road project is completed with exception to striping which will be completed in the spring of 2017.

The Schweitzer Cutoff Bridge over Sand Creek has load limits placed due to a very low sufficiency rating based on significant cracks in the girders.  The Cities of Sandpoint and Ponderay with the help of Senator Shawn Keough and the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council, have obtained funding for replacing the bridge.  Optimistically, the bridge could be replaced beginning in 2017.   

Until the bridge is replaced, loaded trucks will be required to use alternate routes at Larch Street and Bronx Road to travel between US 95 and Sandpoint’s industrial area.

Solar Roadways Demonstration Project

 For a recent article in the Bonner County Daily Bee regarding this project.